I want to make a list of comic things that I never need to see again in any story ever:

  1. Superman fighting Batman
  2. Lois Lane’s death/murder
  3. Evil Supermen
  4. Batman losing a family member

So…that’s a no to my DC fanfic where Lois Lane gets fridge’d, which causes Superman to go evil and accidentally kill Damian Wayne, which triggers a showdown between Evil Superman and Batman?

I’ll just…go ahead…and delete that file…*cough*

Ok, THAT story I might read out of morbid curiosity!

Well good news! You can! It’s called Injustice Gods Among Us.

Where Superman gets brainwashed into killing a pregnant Lois Lane, goes evil and takes over the world and Dick Grayson gets killed.

Also it has Last Hope Batman. Which needs to be added to this list too.



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